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About Plutus Robot

What is Plutus?

Plutus is a full-automated trading robot, including elements from the algo and quant-trading fields. The algo-trading part includes multiple trading-strategies developed by Trading Robotics. Most of them contain combinations of some of the most popular indicators, like Bollinger Bands, RSI, ATR, MA, EMA. Some others contain unique indicators developed by us. In the quant-trading part, Plutus makes a statistical analysis of the market. Here we use the power of Math to decide, if it is time to take a trade or not.

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How risky is Plutus?

It contains multiple levels of security and it is built with a wisely software architecture. In more detail, the architecture is based on a multi-strategy trading system that opens multiple well targeted trades during the day, keeping them open for some minutes, hours or even days depending on the strategy that is triggered. A proper risk is calculated based on the triggered strategy, the current balance, and the conditions of the market. It often adjusts the trade's risk depending on the SL & TP placement points.

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In which platform does Plutus work?

Plutus can run on the MetaTrader5 platform, on a Windows PC

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On what type of accounts does Plutus work?

Plutus works on "Hedging" type of accounts with USD, EUR or GBP account currency.

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Where is Plutus making trades?

View current version ticker symbols for the Forex market:   View Tickers

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What do I need to use Plutus?

Plutus is a simple EA that you drag and drop on any valid Symbol chart from the given list.
First, you have to sign in, on the MQL webpage From there you have access to all EA's that excist on the MQL4 & MQL5 markets, and find Plutus and other Trading Robotics products at our MQL profile page MQL Profile