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What is Hermes

What is Hermes semi automatic robot separator

Hermes is a semi automatic robot, compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and
designed by Trading Robotics. It comes with a friendly graphical interface and
offers usefull, high quality trading tools to trade the news like a pro.
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Hermes usage.


In this part of Hermes, the trader can setup the order settings. Risk and reward points will be the stop loss and take profit of the order and it can be specified by the risk / reward ratio tool. Position size of the order can be set either directly or through a percentage option. This setup will be used to open a position when a selected entry will be recognized by the robot.
Finally, in the order settings part there is an option for a manual instant order with a BUY and a SELL button.


In the entries part, the trader has the option to select the date and time of the upcoming news that he is interested to trade. To choose the entry recognition, the Setup Brackets checkbox has to be checked. Upper and lower limits are the points at which brackets are placed. Stop Minutes define the maximum time, untill a limit breakdown. Finally, by clicking the Activation Button, it enables the entry recognition. When price breaks one of the predefined limits, the corresponding position will take place: a short position, when price breaks the lower limit and a long position when it breakes the upper limit.


In the extras part there are two order management options. Save Trade, specifies the points the price will reach. Hermes will move stop loss to the break even, that is the point the position opened, and trader doesn't loose money in any case. The second one is Take Partial where the trader can choose the points that when the price will reach, Hermes closes a partial of an opened trade, at a predefined user percentage.

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Video Tutorial

YouTube tutorial for Hermes robot