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Simplicity of trading scripts

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Simplicity of trading scripts

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What is Daedalus?

Daedalus is a full-automated trading robot, including elements from the algo and quant-trading fields. The algo-trading part includes multiple trading-strategies developed by Trading Robotics. Most of them contain combinations of some of the most popular indicators, like Bollinger Bands, RSI, ATR, MA, EMA. Some others contain unique indicators developed by us. In the quant-trading part, Daedalus makes a statistical analysis of the market. Here we use the power of Math to decide, if it is time to take a trade or not.
In addition, a proper risk for every trade is calculated depending on what strategy
is active, what time, ticker, timeframe and what the current win to loss ratio is.

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How risky is Daedalus?

Daedalus has more than 11.000 lines of code, multiple levels of security and it is built with a wisely software architecture. It is configurated to be very conservative with maximum drawdown of 12% (+-2%). In smaller accounts, the drawdown can be a little higher. This can happen, because we want to use all trading opportunities with a small account too, so the overall volume can be relatively high to the account.

A proper risk is calculated, which starts from 0.01 lots for a maximum account of 8000$ and increases 0.01 lots per approximately extra 4000$ of balance. For example, if your balance is 1000$, your first trade will have a maximum volume of 0.01 lots. If you reach over 8000$, the amount is getting 0.02 lots, on 12000$ 0.03 lots, on 16000 0.04 lots etc. When most trades are winners, it gets more aggressive and when most trades are losers it slows down.

An additional security feature is, that it detects high volatility, so eventually it stays out of the market. News are also detected, and the trading-strategies adjust on that or Deadalus decide to stay out of the market for an hour or two.

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In which platform Daedalus works?

Daedalus can run on the MetaTrader5 platform, on a Windows PC

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On what type of accounts Daedalus works?

Daedalus works on "Hedging" USD type of accounts.

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Where is Daedalus making trades?

View current version ticker symbols:   View Tickers

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What do I need to use Daedalus?

Daedalus is a simple EA that you drag and drop on valid Ticker Symbol charts from the given list.
Even if you are not familiar, using Expert Advisors (EA) for the MetaTrader5 platform, when you receive the Daedalus package, you get a detailed step by step Manual Guide for using the software.

What is included in Daedalus package?

I  The Educational E-Book "MODERN TRADING - Basic Concepts"

What will you learn:

  •   · What is Trading
  •   · Difference between a CFD and a physical Share
  •   · What is a Market
  •   · The big Market categories
  •   · Spread & Commissions
  •   · What is a Broker and how to choose a good one
  •   · The most popular Trading Platforms
  •   · Order types (Market order, Sell Stop, Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, …)
  •   · Order vs Position vs Deal
  •   · Differences between Lots, Contracts and Shares
  •   · Netting & Hedging account differences
  •   · What is a Timeframe
  •   · What is a Ticker
  •   · Candlesticks & Linear Graph
  •   · The different types of Trading (Scalping, Day-Trading, Swing-Trading, …)
  •   · Differences between Manual, Full and Semi-Automatic Trading
  •   · Risk management & Kelly Criterion
  •   · Basic Candlestick Patterns
  •   · Basic Indicators
  •   · Differences between Trend, Volume and Oscillator Indicators
  •   · Ichimoku - The all in one Indicator

II  The Daedalus software (EA)

III  The "Deadalus Manual" PDF with a step by step guide on how to setup the environment and run Daedalus.

IV  The "About Daedalus Robot" PDF file, including information about the software, it's money management system, tips on how to maximise it's power etc.

V  The Daedalus PDF list with all Ticker Symbols, the software can be used at.

VI  Access to the Trading Robotics Telegram Community Group, where every Friday the trades of the week will be analysed.

VII  Frequently, extra educational content containing strategies with deeper analysis and algo trading practices will be shared.

VIII  Fully support for our clients, and always open for thoughts & questions.